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Straight teeh kicker in'er... no more need be said.



you should be careful what you ask fo' / cash flow / everyone around me / fiend for the money / Doctor Jekyll Mr. Bashful / soon as the check cash though / Hyde get to actin' a asshole it / BRING OUT THE BEAST / Green at the root of all evil please / love of havin' things that drives most / say ya grace / thankful for daily bread on ya plate / but without butter thats just some dry toast / hungers a mutha cuzzin it / BRING OUT THE BEAST / I gotta get my mentality straight / cause when I get mine that'll be day / one of a new era fitted cocked sideways / new pair a kicks instead of kick rock Fridays / TGI my ass bitch / like the 40 cal thumper in the hand of of a bami brand knucka / he from norty cal / you can call him flower if you want to / eastwood under his hoody / steel dying to uncover like goody / BRING OUT THE BEAST / Like the bottle when you drownin' in the shallow end slow friendo / leanin' heavy on the throttle / fueled ready on that octane / muscle to tussle wit' in the glove box / love lost then shots rang / BRING OUT THE BEAST / Black I swear that's what the massive holla / hooked on the cooked we provide you wit / 99 cent on that itunes yep / that there a classic dollar spent / and a fast dollar earned / plus it smash when it turn



BRING OUT THE BEAST / I kick the door off the cage / engage in this mahem / I scribble down on the page that / jumps off the tablet / on its hip is a ratchet / that it pulls out / to blast the bystanders to the rage when I / BRING OUT THE BEAST / its a feat I cant explain / I transform in the booth / to superman without his cape / and without a suit / just a mic and some shit to say / but it eminates / with a fire thats unrestrained as I / BRING OUT THE BEAST / You see the masses run / fastest one / can like I'm Godzillas bastard son wit a sun tan / but I'm just one man / to tear this rap shit to a million shreds / and cause hate threads 'cross the resiliant web / BRING OUT THE BEAST / the beast is out / put ya skills to rest / my rebellious edge just overwhelmed ya penmenship / the predicates my my verse sound pre Edison / wit these sentences I can present you your reconin' / in an effortless display / I'll show you the glimpse of death / wit a sway of my pen and a pinch of my intellect / sonic boom as you pass the speed of sound / on heaven's highway / at twenty thousand leagues beneath the ground as I / BRING OUT THE BEAST / You feel the presence as I make my entrance / wit this death wish / a werewolf in the flesh / which one of you's next / when the tool hand on the twelfth kiss / I'm so selfish huh I'm so selfish


released February 1, 2010
Written By: O. Lomena, J. Cabell
Produced By: Cashmere Royal



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